Project Bootleg Wants You To Dance On Their Empty Vinyls

shockleewebpic_projectbootlegWhat if you could listen to what a club crowd stamping their feet and dancing on the floor all night sounds like? Well luckily for you, someone beat you to it.

Enter Project Bootleg, by the creative team MaMa – Manuel Urbanke and Maximilian Hoch who recorded the sound of the crowds at concerts by Die Antwoord, Gold Panda, The Roots, Apparat and Deadmau5 and then collaborated with musician Daniel Freitag to make them into ‘bootlegs’.

The first live recording that is actually made by the crowd. Project Bootleg is a new form of live recording. We produced empty vinyls recorded with silence. No music. No Sound. Before concerts we put them on the floor and people danced on them. After the live shows the records were scratched. These scratches made sound on the record player. We mixed this noise in the studio and created new tracks out of it.

This is how they did it and some samples of the final recordings made into glitched out experimental beats.


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