Create An Environment For Innovation: 6 Characteristics Of Truly Creative People

shockleewebpic_tinaseeligcharacteristicscreativityAccording to best selling author and Stanford University Professor Tina Seelig, ‘Workers are puzzle builders, stuck when missing a piece,’ she says. Truly creative people ‘are quilt makers — they can fit anything together.’

One of Seelig’s most recent books is inGenius: A Crash Course on Creativity and in it, she explains how to think more creatively in order to allow innovative, solution based thinking to unlock hidden potential. In a recent presentation that she gave at the 2013 99U conference, she explained how ‘the most creative organizations and people embrace experimentation’ and how to identify the characteristics of true creativity and create the environment for it to thrive.

This is a must-see for creators, entrepreneurs, organizations and those looking for some inspiration.


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