Roland Announces The Next Evolution Of The Classic TR-808 Drum Machine: Aira

shockleewebpic_rolandaira808evolutionIn case you didn’t already know, 808′s Changed The World and manufacturer Roland, is teasing a new device that it is calling the next evolution of the TR-808, called the Aira TR-08, which is rumored to be officially unveiled at next week’s NAMM show.

In the teaser video below, Roland engineers discuss the making of the original TR-808 Rhythm Machine and how to their surprise, changed music forever. It sounds like they are out to make a significant impact again, although there is a lot of debate going on whether it should remain a classic analog machine, or join the digital music making revolution. Our guess is the latter.

For some weird reason, the promo video states that electronic music and dance did not exist in 1980, pre TR-808 which obviously couldn’t be further from the truth. Let’s hope that was just a major translation oversight and the rest of Roland’s presentation is on point.

The buzzing comments thread at audio website Synthtopia has dug up an official image that supposedly gives us a first look, which you can see below.



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