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► Ultimate Break Beats: The Canon – Exclusive Mix By Concréte Sound System — Shocklee Entertainment Universe ● The Future Frequency

► Ultimate Break Beats: The Canon – Exclusive Mix By Concréte Sound System

shockleewebpic_ultimatebreakbeatsthecanonCheck out this new throwback future mix exclusive from Primus Luta’s Concréte Sound System featuring a crazy collection of sounds of an earlier New York City and hip hop organics. Filled with a rugged vibe of experimentalism and a certain funk, jazz and punk edge, you can’t deny these beats are to be forever sealed in the global, collective music consciousness for all time. Time jump…

‘Nobody knows where the technology came from but in 2013 it became Concréte. The extraordinary thing about the device was the load capacity. It could safely transport a full ton from one space-time location to another. This meant not only could people travel but technology could as well. Luta reached out to amukaT. For it to work he would need a co-pilot. Both tempauralnauts gathered their gear in the PEMF station, barely coming under the one ton limit. Luta turned on the device, setting the date to July 13, 1977 and the location to a small block in the Morrisania section of the Bronx. The device had enough power to hold them there for exactly 59 minutes. If all went according to plan they would be the only sound system with power in the entire city. They configured the gear, tuning it all together in preparation for one hit that could change the course of history. They dubbed the hit – The Canon.’

Ultimate Break Beats - Concréte Sound System [Shocklee.com Exclusive Mix] by Shocklee.Com on Mixcloud


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