Boombox Creators Documentary: The Ghetto Blaster Gets Its Due

shockleewebpic_boomboxcreatorspreviewBefore the iPod helped revolutionize digital music, the boombox helped revolutionize portable music culture and now, a group of filmmakers are on a mission to find out who the Boombox creators are. A ‘a docu-man hunt’ to find the original designers and crafters of the iconic, portable radio/cassette player that helped spread hip hop and New York street culture to the worldwide masses.

The ghetto blaster finally gets the credit it deserves. Check out this short preview of the upcoming film and the Boombox Creators website for ongoing progress on the hunt to find the creators.

A docu-man hunt…Boombox, Ghetto Blaster, Jambox, Boomblaster, Brixton Briefcase, Thunderbox, Radio-Cassette, ラジカセ… By any name, the boombox was a catalyst for a worldwide urban revolution in art, style, and music sharing. Why are the creators of the iconic boomboxes of the 1970s and 1980s still largely unknown?
Now is the time to find them and tell their stories.

photo: p3ss3ssod


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