Eunoia: Using Brainwaves To Manipulate Motions Of Water

shockleewebpic_EunoiabrainwavewaterNew York artist Lisa Park creates an interactive performance art piece where she vibrates water with her mind. She does this using a combination of an EEG [Electroencephalography] headset which measures the brain’s electrical activity and processing with Max/MSP and Reaktor.

Watch the performance followed by a behind the scenes on the process.

“Eunoia” is a performance that uses my brainwaves — collected via EEG sensor– to manipulate the motions of water. It derives from the Greek word “eu” (well) + “nous” (mind) meaning “beautiful thinking”. Electroencephalography (EEG) is a brainwave detecting sensor. It measures frequencies of my brain activity (Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Theta) relating to my state of consciousness while wearing it. The data collected from EEG is translated in realtime to modulate vibrations of sound with using software programs. EEG sends the information of my brain activity to Processing, which is linked with Max/MSP to receive data and generate sound from Reaktor.


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