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Robert Henke: I Really Do Everything Myself — Shocklee Entertainment Universe ● The Future Frequency

Robert Henke: I Really Do Everything Myself

shockleewebpic_henkeidoeverythingComputer music creator and Ableton Live co-developer Robert Henke talks about some things in this new video by 6sept13 which many digital music makers can relate to, mainly, how it can be hard to make musical decisions with so many options at your fingertips.

How do you avoid a career of ‘producing an arbitrary output of exchangeable stuff’? Robert shares his thoughts on this and gives us a look at his new project, Lumière.

Three laser beams cut through the room and form geometrical shapes – floating, ephemeral, divided by frequencies. Robert Henke is at the computer behind that, controlling the interaction of shape, colour and music. He is working on Lumière, his new project, for which he is painstakingly teaching lasers to dance. For Henke, the visionary and mediator between engineering science and free-spirited art, it is not the first project of this kind: In the early nineties he co-founded Monolake with Gerhard Behles, exploring the varieties of electronic music. As the co-founder and developer of Ableton he revolutionised music production with the Live software. Since then, he’s also been working on the spectrum of audio-visual art under his own name.


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