Music Streaming Services Ranked By Popularity: iTunes Radio Overtakes Spotify

shockleewebpic_streamingservicesrankedThe Infinite Dial 2014, a brand new report from Edison Research has examined consumer adoption of digital media, including music streaming usage. A U.S. survey shows Pandora, iHeartRadio and iTunes Radio ranked first, second and third respectively, with Spotify coming in a close fourth.

According to the 2014 edition of Edison’s annual audio report “The Infinite Dial”, Pandora remains the most popular music streaming service in the United States. 31 percent of those polled for the report stated to have used Pandora within the last month. That puts the ad-supported online radio healthily in front of iHeartRadio and iTunes Radio which were used by 9 and 8 percent of the respondents, respectively. Ranked fourth, Spotify was the first on-demand streaming service on the list with an adoption rate of 6 percent.

You can download or read more of the full report The Infinite Dial 2014 from Edison Research and Triton Digital. How are you listening to your music?


chart: statista / photo: Ryan J. Nicholson


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