The Human Experiment Documentary Explores Our Exposure To Chemicals

shockwebpic_thehumanexperimentfilmWith thousands of untested chemicals in our everyday products, have we all become unwitting guinea pigs in one giant human experiment? The powerful and inspiring new documentary The Human Experiment goes behind the scenes in the fight to protect us from these toxic products before they cause irrevocable harm to our health.

What if the greatest chemical disaster of our time didn’t involve oil spills or nuclear meltdowns? Instead, it was much lower levels of exposure, inflicted over several generations and affecting every person on the planet. The result: Rising rates of everything from cancer to infertility. This is the shocking reality explored in The Human Experiment, a gripping look at the personal costs associated with the chemicals in our most common household products.

The Human Experiment is directed and produced by Emmy Award-winning journalists and filmmakers Dana Nachman and Don Hardy. Academy Award-winning actor and filmmaker Sean Penn is executive producer and narrator of the film. The film is now available on VOD platforms including Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, iTunes, Sony PlayStation, Vudu, Xbox Video and Vimeo.


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