These Earbuds Will EQ The Audio In The World Around You

shockwebpic_hereearbudsDoppler Labs, the creators of DUBS Acoustic Filters for hearing protection are launching a new product called the Here Active Listening System, a set of wireless earbuds that allows the user to EQ or ‘filter’ the sound according to what they’re listening to or what kind of environment they’re in.

With two earbuds and an app, the user can control or enhance their own auditory experience, whether at a concert, an airplane or during a loud city commute. This is an exciting concept though, since they are not meant to replace your regular headphones or earbuds, these are not for listening to your music player or phone calls. It would be an even more exciting concept if you could use these for all of your listening needs and that way avoid carrying one extra device but nevertheless, this is just the first version and has some great potential to start a new next level category in the wearables market.

Check out Here’s Kickstarter and video clips to see them in action. There are a few days left in the campaign which met its goal in the first couple of days. The first shipments of Here are due to be delivered by the end of 2015.



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