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About Us — Shocklee Entertainment Universe ● The Future Frequency

About Us

Future FrequencyIn a world ruled by numbers, nepotism and lies exists a pulse beating with new life and a flicker of light. It lives somewhere between the illogical and the logical, the mundane and the unexpected, the ugly and the beautiful, the perfect and the imperfect. It is a frequency that cannot be mass duplicated, or copied, bought or technologically engineered. It cannot be held back or restrained or diluted. We are students and masters, inventors and fans, lovers of our world. We are #creators and we are bunkered away in all corners of the universe working our fingers to the bone for what we believe in. We live in chaotic cities and quiet countrysides, in dark undergrounds and tall towers, in slums, rural villages, quiet mountainsides and modern suburbs. We are not separated by money or religion or class, race or language or origin, technology or access or philosophies. We are that untapped spectrum that you can never dissect. While the world is torn apart, creators build it back up with hard work and and ideas, beauty and art, invention, reinvention and challenge. We don’t care about your rules or your trends, your ratings or your gossip, your disinformation or your hype. While history gets rewritten, we’re creating a new one. While words and ideas and images get altered, we’re creating new ones. While structures and systems get destroyed, we’re creating a new ones. While power corrupts, we’re creating new channels.

We’re in our laboratories and our offices, our studios and our meeting places, the streets and our homes. We’re online and offline, we’re seen and unseen, crafting new works, creating new formulas, building new tools, writing new codes, composing future classics, sharing our visions, creating new pictures, thinking new thoughts, challenging the status quo, fine-tuning skills, questioning systems, communicating ideas, forming new alliances, acknowledging the past, preparing for the future and living in the present.

We are universal and we are intergalactic. We’re a nation of billions building a new world. We are creators and we’re on the Future Frequency.

Shocklee.com is the online home of sonic architect Hank Shocklee and Shocklee Entertainment, a multimedia production and new media company specializing in the Future Frequency of music, films, media and tech.

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