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Downloads — Shocklee Entertainment Universe ● The Future Frequency


1:00:01 // BOMB SQUAD MIX 005 Mix 005 switches things up with this tribute to Nelson Mandela with fresh new sounds inspired by the big tunes coming out of South Africa. We had a party doing this mix and tapping into the roots…big up to all the African massive worldwide!

1:24:59 // BOMB SQUAD MIX 004 in the mix live from The Yacht Club in Iowa City. It was about 150 degrees in the club, drinks were being spilled all over the place, couples were getting frisky and someone kicked the power plug halfway though the set but the shit was live!! University of Iowa students came out strong. Iowa city knows how to get down!…Yes, IOWA

48:09 // BOMB SQUAD MIX 003 in the mix live, this one was a favorite of the guys over at Samurai.fm This one’s more on the meditative & introspective tip but still BOOMbastic…put it on, lay back and skank to it on a dark day…or dark night

45:58 // BOMB SQUAD MIX 002 got featured in Dazed & Confused Magazine on this live mix which also accompanied an interesting interview with our own Hank Shocklee

1:00:34 // BOMB SQUAD MIX 001 was reborn when this heavy live mix was unleashed. Headbangin, outerwordly, ragga, alien, call what you want but this one’s a classic. The folks over at Red Bull Music Academy Radio co-signed it too when they blasted this mix on their player