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paris — Shocklee Entertainment Universe ● The Future Frequency

Paris Underground: Les Catacombes de Paris

Below the city streets of Paris there’s a reported 800 kilometers of winding tunnels, secret passageways, impromptu art installations and oh yeah, and it’s also an underground ossuary that holds the remains of about 6 million people! In the late 18th century, cemeteries started overflowing in Paris as the city population kept expanding. Millions of bones were artfully and skillfully arranged inside these underground burial chambers which still today are part mystery and somewhat secret.


Perfect Loosers present Akwaaba Remixed – Megamix!

A mix to start your weekend off right! From Akwaaba and Perfect Loosers. A cool collaboration effort bringing together Africa + Paris + remix efforts from producers all around the globe.

It all started one year ago, Akwaaba head dood Benjamin Lebrave met up with the Perfect Loosers in their studio right outside of Paris. He came with a mountain of songs by Ahmed Fofana, Baba Salah and Onyenze. Treasures he’d accumulated on his travels to West Africa. And he met an enthusiastic trio: Waly had been fed Tunisian music since birth, Mast grew up listening to his Congolese step dad’s addictive soukous jams. He also ripped walls with Sigisbert Tartanpion, his head filled with the Caribbean sounds of his parents.

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