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studio — Shocklee Entertainment Universe ● The Future Frequency

Discussing Sound Quality & Future Frequencies With SVS

shockwebpic_svsshockleeinterviewOur own Hank Shocklee has a conversation with our friends and great speaker manufacturers, SVS on sound, putting together an SVS system featuring the Ultra Bookshelf speakers, how globalization has impacted music and the future frequency.

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▶ Gorgon City Feat. MNEK – Ready For Your Love

shockleewebpic_gorgoncityreadyforyourNew studio performance video of producers Gorgon City and MNEK for their new track ‘Ready For Your Love’ forthcoming on Black Butter Records.

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[NYC] Thurs. October 17th: Ableton Advanced Users Meetup — RSVP & Come Network!

shockleestorypic_AA_POSTCARDSQ_10_13The next installment of our Ableton Advanced Users Meetup is taking place on Thursday October 17th, the same day AES kicks off in NYC. This is also the very last meetup for 2013 so don’t miss this last chance to catch up on all the audio buzz. Featuring guest hosts and resident presenters Hank Shocklee, Ben Casey from Tekserve and Brian Jackson from Devotion Learn alongside some dynamic and fun presentations from very special guests.

Get in on the action and RSVP now!

We’ll be live streaming it here 7:00-9:30 EST / 4:00-6:30pm PST / 1:00-3:30 CEST – tune in & join the chat!

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Livestream Today’s Ableton Advanced Users Meetup – Live From Tekserve


Stream The Ableton Advanced Users Meetup Live from Tekserve RIGHT HERE!
7:00-9:30 EST / 4:00-6:30pm PST / 22:00-00:30 CEST – tune in & join the chat!

Follow the Ableton Advanced Users Meetup on Facebook or TechCampNYC on Twitter for group updates!


Join Us Thursday May 9th For The Ableton Advanced Users Meetup

shockleewebpic_AAeventlogogenericRSVP NOW for the next Ableton Advanced Users Meetup taking place Thursday, May 9th at NYC’s Apple specialist super store, Tekserve. Hosted by TechCampNYC with hosts Hank Shocklee and Ben Casey, regrouped and fresh off our massive, super packed Official Live 9 & Push Preview event last month, this next meetup is NOT TO BE MISSED. Our May 9th gathering will feature a wicked list of Ableton Live ninjas and performers.

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Watch The March 2013 Ableton Advanced Users Meetup Official NYC Live 9 & Push Preview Event

shockleewebpic_AA_3_5_13eventWatch the Ableton Advanced Users Meetup Official Live 9 & Push Preview event, New York City’s first look at the new releases which took place on Tuesday, March 5, 2013. It was a packed house so if you missed it or want to see it again, you can view it here in its entirety.

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SubPac Is Here: You Can Now Feel Your Music – Get Yours On Kickstarter!

We’re proud to announce that we’re part of the team behind SubPac!

Attention music lovers and listeners of all kind…SubPac is a new portable and tactile audio accessory that let’s you FEEL YOUR MUSIC. Yes you heard right! You can now take your sound to the physical dimension. This device can be used with any of your audio sources, just plug in and be transported!

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Livestream The Ableton Advanced Users Meetup Official NYC Live 9 & Push Preview Event

The Ableton Advanced Users Meetup Official NYC Live 9 & Push Preview Live from Tekserve is RIGHT HERE!
We’re live 8:00-10:00 EST / 5:00-7:00pm PST / 01:00-3:00 UTC – tune in & join the chat!


D.V.S* Added To Tomorrow’s Ableton Advanced Users Meetup Official NYC Live 9 & Push Preview Event – Live Stream It Here!

Don’t miss tomorrow’s Ableton Advanced Users Meetup Official NYC Live 9 & Push Preview Event! We’re happy to announce that D.V.S* AKA Derek VanScoten – guitarist, producer and performer out of Brooklyn, NYC will be joining the line up and showing some of his live performance skills with Push!

Remember if you’re not in NYC we’ll be streaming live right here!
[8:00-10:00 EST / 5:00-7:00pm PST / 01:00-3:00 UTC]


The Ableton Advanced Users Meetup: NYC Area Live Users Network!

The Ableton Advanced Users Meetup

Presented by
Shocklee & Tekserve

Powered by
Tekserve + NYC Electronic Music Producers Group + Devotion Learn + TechCamp + Shocklee.com

Founded by Shocklee Entertainment, The Ableton Advanced Users Meetup debuted in 2012 with the intention of bringing together the best Ableton Live ninjas around NYC for a meetup to inspire networking, collaborations and to bring together the music community in a friendly environment that’s open to anyone looking to build.

The meetups feature excellent presentations from some of the most knowledgeable users around discussing the latest techniques, coolest uses, trends, tricks and real life applications happening around.

The meetups take place bi-monthly at New York City’s finest techno-cultural-audio-visual retail hub for all things Apple and audio related, Tekserve and are recommended for advanced and intermediate users of Ableton.

The crew:

Hank Shocklee
Host, President of Shocklee Entertainment and sonic architect; music producer, sound designer and composer

Ben Casey
Founder of the NYC Electronic Music Producers Group, Ben also teaches several classes and seminars at Tekserve

Brian Jackson
One of the first Ableton Certified Trainers, Brian is Co-Founder and Director Of Education at Devotion Gallery

Specializing in the Future Frequency of music, films, media and tech

NYC’s Shop for All Things Apple & Audio

Devotion Learn
Brooklyn’s Electronic Music & Media School

TechCamp NYC
Meet + network with the community of future music, audio & creative technologies

You’re invited to join us – if you’re not in the area, you can still catch us online, our meetups are live streamed on shocklee.com so come meet some of the most interesting music creators around and maybe you can come present something special at an upcoming event!

Follow the Ableton Advanced Users Meetup on Facebook for group updates!

TBA – Stay tuned for details.